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The city of Chilhowee is in Johnson County, Missouri. The township was formally organized in 1868, although the first settlement made there was in 1829, with James Hogard and William Norris being among the first settlers, with others coming in subsequent years. Norris settled near the Walnut Grove Cemetery, building a grist mill, and the area was known as Norris Fork before it was surveyed. The first religious services held in the district were conducted by Thomas Cull, a Methodist minister, in 1836, but the first church building was constructed by the Presbyterians in 1858, and known as the Pisgah Church. The first location of Chilhowee Village was by error. James Simpson had bought a frame building that he intended to have moved to a claim that he was going to enter. Moving it on ox wagons, something broke down at the spot where Old Chilhowee Village now is, so the building was unloaded, and Mr. Simpson put in a stock of goods, opening Simpson’s Store in 1855 or 1856. Both he and his brother-in-law, Samuel McFarland, build homes there, and others soon followed. When the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railroad was constructed about a mile and a half south, several of the houses were moved to what became a new town site, while the old town eventually became a relic, and a dot on the map. Chilhowee was incorporated as a town in 1895. Post Oak is east of Chilhowee, Shawnee Mound is southeast, and Blairstown is to the southwest.



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