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The city of Chillicothe, Missouri is the county seat of Livingston County. The city was named for the Shawnee Indian village that existed about one mile from the current city. While the Shawnee village existed since at least as early as 1774, it became inhabited by European-Americans in the 1830s or before, and surveyed in 1837 before being incorporated as a city in 1855. Chillicothe has been the county seat since 1838. Livingston was settled mostly by emigrants from the older counties, and others from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio. The construction of the Hannibal & St. Joseph Railroad in 1859 spurred growth of the city, and the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad in 1886 brought continued growth and modernization. The city is crossed by US Route 36, US Route 65, and Missouri Route 190. Chillicothe is northwest of Cream Ridge and northeast of Utica, in northern Missouri.


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