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Clarksville is a small city in Calumet Township, Pike County, in northeastern Missouri. Settled in 1817, and platted in 1819, Clarksville was probably named for William Clark, who helped lead the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and who was the territorial governor at the time, although there is some question that it may have been named for the governor’s older brother, George Rogers Clark, the Revolutionary War hero. Prior to that, it was known as Appletown for a time. In the time up to 1879, Clarksville was a significant river port, but the arrival of the railroad in 1879 shifted its economic emphasis from the river to the rails. Situated on Missouri Highway 79, also known as the Great River Road. Clarksville is situated along the western banks of the Mississippi River, and Missouri Highway 79 parallels the river in Clarksville. Pharrs Island is to the north, and Calumet is to the southwest.



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