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The village of Climax Springs is in Camden County, Missouri. Founded in 1882, the community was initially known merely as Climax, as the “Springs” part was added in 1886 by a group of local business people who were seeking to promote the healing waters of the area’s mineral springs. Known as the Climax Association, the group built a large hotel that remains today. Although Climax Springs did not enjoy the level of success of other Missouri communities with mineral springs, the town did prosper up until the mid 1980s when it began a decline. Most of the village’s old downtown section is abandoned today, while the majority of local businesses are located at the south end on Missouri Route 7. Climax Springs is west of Barnumton, east of Fristoe, and southwest of Hastain. The Lake of the Ozarks is to the north and northeast of Climax Springs.



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