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The area that was to become the city of Crestwood, Missouri was first inhabited by several tribes, who were attracted to a couple of major salt springs in the region, having learned how to separate the salt from the water. The area remained occupied by Native Americans until it became a French territory in 1682. After the French, the Spanish came. Early settlers included the Scotch Irish, French, and Germans. Among the German immigrants were the Sappington family, for whom the nearby town of Sappington was named. Sergeant John Sappington, a personal bodyguard to General George Washington at Valley Forge, was buried in Crestwood, and the Sappington Cemetery is maintained by the city of Crestwood. German brewing families, including the Anheuser, Griesedieck, Lemp and Busch families, built large estates in the region. President Ulysses S. Grant owned land in Crestwood, and Grant’s Farm is now home to free-roaming buffalo, zebras, deer, and other animals. Although inhabited long before, Crestwood was not incorporated as a village until 1947, becoming a city two years later. Many Crestwood businesses and residences receive their mail through St. Louis or Sappington post offices. US Highway 44 runs north of the city.



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