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The city of Creve Coeur is in western St. Louis County, Missouri, within the Greater St. Louis Metro region. The city borders and shares a zip code with the city of Town and Country, which is to the south of Creve Coeur. The community began with Olive Street Road, now known as Olive Boulevard, which followed a much older Indian trail that followed the high ground from the Mississippi River to the Missouri River, then carried carts, wagons, carriages, and stagecoaches. Creve Coeur was an unincorporated community along that road, named for the nearby Creve Coeur Lake. By the late 1940s, St. Louis was overflowing, and people were looking for places in which to raise their families outside of the larger city, as well as a desire for larger yards and houses. Creve Coeur was incorporated in December of 1949. Today, Creve Coeur is quite large itself, with more than eighty miles of streets, two colleges, and several public schools. It is the headquarters of Monsanto.


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