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Defiance is an unincorporated town in Saint Charles County, in central-eastern Missouri. The Katy Trail State Park, the final home of Daniel Boone, runs through Defiance near the Missouri River. Boone settled on a Spanish Land Grant in the Femme Osage Valley in 1799, although the community had not been named yet during Boone’s lifetime. The Boone Homestead is situated along Highway F, and is open to the public. Defiance is known for its wineries, as there are several of them between Defiance and Mathasville, in an area sometimes known as the Missouri Weinstrasse, part of the Missouri Rhineland, with vineyards on both sides of the Missouri River. While agriculture and winemaking was the primary focus of the area’s economy, Defiance also included mills, quarries, stockyards, and other businesses. Tradition has it that Defiance was named for its opposition to the town of Matson in the late 1800s, when both towns were competing for a train depot along the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad, which played a large part in the economy of the region. Defiance is north of Matson, east of Femme Osage, and south of the August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area.



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