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Situated in St. Louis County, Missouri, the city of Des Peres was settled largely by German immigrants and southerners from Virginia in 1934, although it owes its name to a group of Jesuit missionaries who established a settlement on the banks of the Mississippi River, near the mouth of the Des Peres River, in 1701, believed to be the oldest white settlement in Missouri. The Des Peres River of that time was considerably different than it is today, consisting of the main channel and all of its minor tributaries, including those that are now known as Deer Creek and Two Mile Creek. The entire watershed became known as Des Peres, and was widely used before 1900. When the town was incorporated in 1934, no consideration was given to any other name since the settled areas were already known as Des Peres. The city of Des Peres is centered near the intersection of US Highway 270 and Missouri Route 100, also known as Manchester Road. Other nearby communities include Chesterfield to the northwest, Velda Village to the northeast, St. Louis to the east, Affton and Sappington to the southeast, Fenton to the south, and Peerless Park to the southwest.



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