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Located along the Big Piney River, Devils Elbow, Missouri is an unincorporated town in Pulaski County. The community was named for a particularly bad bend in the river known as a devil of an elbow. The town was settled around 1870. Although unincorporated, the town does have a post office and its own zip code. Devils Elbow may be accessed through the east-west route known as I-44, which was formerly US Route 66. Three bridges cross the Big Piney River at Devils Elbow, including the modern I-44 bridge, the later US Route 66 alignment on Highway Z, and the original US Route 66 alignment on Teardrop Road that includes a historic bridge known as the Devils Elbow Bridge. Devils Elbow is in the western part of the Mark Twain National Forest, southwest of Clementine, Powellville and Arlington, northwest of Spring Creek, and northeast of Fort Leonard Wood.



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