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Named for a racehorse, the city of Dexter, Missouri is in Stoddard County. The town was platted by the Cairo, Arkansas and Texas Railroad Company, which was also known as the CAT Line. The original map of the town was filed in 1873 by Thomas Allen, president of the CAT Line, but there were settlements in the region prior to that time. The CAT Line was short-lived, and its line never reached Texas, which had been the original intention. James Dowdy had purchased forty acres in 1843, and one hundred and twenty acres in 1853, which included the current neighborhood of Ridgetop Acres. His heirs sold the 120 acres to Albert A. Jorndt in 1897 and, by 1898, Jorndt had made a name for himself as the owner of several fine horses. US Highway 60 passes through the north part of the city, while Branch 60 passes through other portions of Dexter. Redd is northwest of Dexter, Idalia is northeast, Frisco is southeast, and Stoddard is southwest of the city.


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