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Located thirty miles southwest of Jefferson City, Eldon is in Miller County, Missouri. The town was platted in 1882 on land that once was part of Peter Thompson’s far. George Weeks filed the plat, and named the town for the English duke by that name. The Jefferson City, Lebanon and Southwest Railroad announced that it was going to build its track through the area a month later. The railroad later became the Missouri Pacific Bagnell Branch. Originally, the depot was going to be built around Grand Avenue, but the brakes of the train wouldn’t hold the steep grade of the proposed site, so the depot was built at the point where the train had stopped after rolling back, which became the east side of Maple Street at Second Street. Early streets were dirt, so boardwalks were built in front of stores in the business district, and wooden awnings were built over them. The town’s first industry was the Eldon Roller Mills, owned by Samuel Newton, John Weeks, and T.J. Hart. Methodist and Christian churches were organized in 1882, and the Congregational Church was built in 1883, and other denominations rented the building for a dollar a month. Eldon is concentrated east of US Highway 54, while Branch 54 and Missouri Route 52 pass through the center of town. West Aurora is south of the city, while Etterville is to the east.


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