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Ellington, Missouri is a city in Reynolds County. Thomas Barnes and his family moved to Missouri from North Carolina in 1835, first settling in Pilot Knob, then moving on to build a home, a water wheel for corn and grain, and a distillery along Logan Creek. Soon a settlement developed there that became known as Barnesville. During the Civil War, Confederate troops came into the area from Arkansas, forming camps at Van Buren, Barnesville, and Lesterville. The Union conducted several raids in the area, burning villages to the ground. The Union constructed Fort Barnesville near the settlement. Following the war, William Copeland began to rebuild the town on eighty acres of land owned by Sina Ellington, and the town was renamed Ellington, largely to disassociate it from the Union fort. The Missouri Southern Railroad extended its track to the area in 1896, spurring growth. The Sweetwater Mine, located near Ellington, continues to produce lead and zinc. Ellington is southwest of Redford, northwest of Ruble and Webb, and surrounded by the Mark Twain National Forest.



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