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The city of Ellisville is in St. Louis County, Missouri. The city was founded by Captain James Harvey Ferris, who came to Missouri from Kentucky in 1837. He brought slaves with him, who made the bricks by hand that were used to construct his home south of Manchester and west of Kiefer Creek Road. The building became known as the Brick Place. Captain Ferris sold his property to Vespasian Ellis, a newspaper editor from St. Louis. When Ellis was appointed the U.S. consul to Venezuela in the early 1840s, he sold his property to William A. Hereford, who opened the first post office there, naming the community, not for the land’s former owner, but for his own hometown of Ellisville, Virginia. Ellisville was incorporated as a village in 1932, primarily as a means of organizing a public school district, although there were already three schools serving the community in the 1930s. Ellisville remained a village until 1957, when it became a 4th class city. Ellisville is surrounded by the communities of Chesterfield, Peerless Park, Glencoe, and Grover.


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