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Located south of Interstate 70 in both Lafayette and Saline counties, the small city of Emma, Missouri was first settled by German immigrants in 1838, and others soon followed. The German community was known as the Kreutz Kirche Settlement. During the American Civil War, the Germans, who tended to have pro-Union sympathies, found themselves at odds with other Missourians, who were sympathetic to the South. Bushwackers raided the area three times. Many of the Germans remained, and the community continued to be primarily German. When the town’s first post office was established in 1888, the postmasters instructed the townspeople to choose a shorter name, and Emma was chosen for reasons that are uncertain. In 1915, every business in town was destroyed by fire, but the town was rebuilt using brick. Dunksburg is to the south of Emma, while Blackburn is to the north.



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