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Located in south-central St. Louis County, Fenton is a suburb of the city of St. Louis. The area was inhabited for more than nine hundred years, largely due to its proximity to fertile land and the Meramec River. Evidence of its early inhabitants can be found in the Fenton Mounds, earthen burial mounds that were found near southwestern Fenton. Unfortunately, the mounds were leveled in 2001 to make room for a Wal-Mart store. William Lindsay Long founded the city of Fenton in 1818, in the part of town now known as Old Towne Fenton. However, the city was not incorporated until 1948. Joyce Meyer, the charismatic Christian author and speaker, is based in Fenton. The city is located at the intersection of Missouri Highways 30 and 141, south of US Highway 44 and southwest of US Highway 270. Sappington and Concord are northeast of Fenton, while Mehlville is to the east, and Peerless Park is to the northwest.


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