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The small city of Frohna, in Perry County, Missouri, was originally named Niederfrohna, for the town in the Zwickau district of the German region of Saxony, although the name was shortened when the town’s first post office was established. Frohna is one of seven villages and towns that were founded by German immigrants in 1839, the others being Altenburg, Dresden, Johannisberg, Paitzdorf, Seelitz, and Wittenberg. Nearby existing communities include Altenburg, Old Appleton, Longtown, and Pocahontas, in Missouri, as well as Gorham and Grand Tower, in Illinois. Frohna is situated in eastern Missouri, at the Illinois border. Located in Frohna, the Saxon Lutheran Memorial is an outdoor history museum representing a log cabin village on the homestead of the Bergt Farm Complex.



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