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Gallatin is the county seat of Daviess County, Missouri. Founded in 1837, the city was named for Albert Gallatin, the longest-serving Secretary of the Treasury, and incorporated in 1857. Known as the Gallatin Election Day Battle, on August 6, 1838, a couple of hundred people attempted to prevent Mormons from voting in a county election. A brawl erupted when about thirty Mormons approached the polling place in Gallatin, in which the Mormons were victorious. This fight is often cited as the beginning of the 1838 Mormon War in Missouri. Near Gallatin is a site known to Mormons as Adam-onki-Ahman, believed to be the place where Adam and Eve lived after they were expelled from the Garden of Eden. Alexander Monroe Dockery, the 30th governor of Missouri, was born near Gallatin, where he retired ending his medical and political careers. The famous outlaw, Johnny Ringo, was also a resident of Gallatin for a time. Gallatin is located at the intersection of Missouri Routes 13 and 6, south of Jameson, southwest of Jamesport, north of Hamilton, and east of Altamont.


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