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Gideon is in New Madrid County, Missouri. Having previously visited the area on a hunting trip, F.E. Gideon and W.P. Anderson expanded their lumber business to southeastern Missouri. As the towns of Clarkton or Malden would allow the construction of a mill, they built their mill in an unsettled area in the early 1900s, forming the community of Gideon, with two stores, a charcoal factory, and a railroad. Mr. Gideon moved his family to Gideon in 1905, but sold his interests to other stockholders in 1908, returning to Ohio, where he passed away in 1919. Early settlers came large for work in the mill operations or with the Gideon North Island Railroad, built in 1903. The first hotel was built in Gideon in 1900, and the first store in 1901, followed almost immediately by a second store. A doctor’s office opened in Gideon in 1903. Gideon became a fourth-class city in 1914. The Gideon Box Plant became a major employer in 1931, operating until 1986. Gideon is located at the intersection of Missouri Routes 153 and 162. McGuire is northwest of Gideon, Hartzell is to the northeast, Frailie to the southeast, and Gibson to the east.



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