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Golden City is in Golden City Township, Barton County, in southwestern Missouri. The community was established in Tall Grass Prairie country, and several preserved prairies are in neighboring areas, including the Golden Prairie, Cook Meadow, and Pennsylvania Prairie. Formed in 1867, Golden City was originally a stop on the Butterfield Stagecoach Line, and named for a nearby area known as Golden Grove, where Indians had mined a line of flint. Its first post office was established in 1867, and the town was platted in 1870. The town’s population expanded greatly when the Kansas City/Fort Scott & Gulf Railroad extended its tracks to the region in 1880, after which the town became a city in 1881. Not to be confused with the unincorporated town of Golden, eighty-five miles to the south, Golden City is situated along US Highway 160 and Missouri Highway 126, Dudenville is south of Golden City, and Lockwood is to the east.



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