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The land that was to become Granby, in Newton County, Missouri, was originally inhabited by the Osage. The first Europeans to visit the area were probably French trappers. Later, Spain claimed the territory, selling it to the French. In the early 1800s, the United States took control of the land as part of the Louisiana Purchase, and homesteaders came shortly afterwards. A homesteader by the name of Madison Vickery found lead there while digging for water, and soon prospectors were coming into the area, so quickly that it became known as the Granby Stampede, and the town became one of the oldest mining towns in the Southwest, primarily lead and zinc. During the American Civil War, Granby became an important source of lead for both the Union and Confederate armies until, in October of 1862, the Battle of Granby established Union control of its lead mines. Although its smelter was destroyed during the battle, mining resumed after the war, enhanced by new technology and transportion via the railroad. Granby was incorporated as a city in 1868. Granby’s mines remained in operation through World War II, after which its deposits began to decline. Each summer, Granby holds Old Mining Town Days, a 4th of July celebration. Granby is located along US Highway 60, west of Berwick and northeast of Monark Springs.



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