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Grant City is the county seat of Worth County, in northern Missouri. The town was organized in 1863, and named for General Ulysses S. Grant. Grant City became the county seat in 1864, and before long the community had a general store, school, blacksmith, shoemaker, doctor’s office, law office, jeweler, post office, drug store, hardware store, and a hotel. When the railroad was extended to Grant City in 1882, the town grew rapidly and, although the railroad closed in 1945, Grant City continued to thrive. Frank Lucas, the 13th governor of Wyoming, was born in Grant City, as was Leon C. Phillips, the 11th governor of Oklahoma. Grant City is located just west of US Highway 169, along Missouri Highway 46. Isadora is northwest of Grant City, Siloam Springs is south, Allendale is to the east, and the Iowa state line is to the north.



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