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The small city of Greenville, Missouri is situated along US Highway 67, near its intersection with Missouri Routes D and E. Located on the edge of the Ozark Mountains, along the St. Francis River, and within the Mark Twain National Forest, Greenville was founded as the county seat Wayne County in 1819, and named for Fort Greene Ville in Ohio, which is now also known as Greenville. A post office was established in Greenville in 1832. During the American Civil War, Confederate General William J. Hardee, as well as Confederate officers, Patrick Cleburne, Thomas C. Hindman, and Basil W. Duke, were stationed near Greenville until they were forced to retreat to Arkansas on August 28, 1861. Greenville was incorporated as a village in 1893. In 1941, the village was relocated two miles north of its original location due to the construction of Lake Wappapello. Greenville is south of Silva, southeast of Patterson, southwest of Patterson, north of Holliday Landing, and northwest of Lost Creek Landing.



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