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The area that was to become Harrisburg was first settled by European-Americans in 1821, when John C. Crittendon built a home there, selling his property to Anthony and Mecie Drane in 1858. Harrisburg, in Boone County, Missouri, was named for John Woods Harris, who inherited the Model Farm on Thrall’s Prairie, the first permanent settlement in the county. The town of Harrisburg was laid out along the proposed track of the Chicago and Alton Railroad, although the railroad chose a line further north. Nevertheless, the town survived and, in 1882, it had a post office, three stores, a confectionary shop, church, blacksmith shop, mill, and a school house with a Masonic lodge upstairs. Harrisburg’s first church building belonged to the Harrisburg Christian Church, and was built of local stone and donated wood in 1872. Its original building was demolished in 1980 and replaced by a new building. The Harrisburg Baptist Church, affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, was constructed in 1887, and is still in use. Harrisburg is located along Missouri Highway 124, northwest of Perche, north of Woodlandville, and west of the Lick Creek Conservation Area.



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