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The village of Hartsburg is in Boone County, Missouri. Settlement of the area began with Luther D. Hart and Aurelias B. Hart, who purchased several hundred acres of land and started farming there in the 1870s. They sold a right of way to the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railroad, also known as the Katy Line or the MKT. In 1893, a railroad station was established there, and named Hart City, but when the community was incorporated in 1901, it was named Hartsburg. Many of the needs of the village are furnished through fundraising conducted by the Progressive Committee, which was established in 1929. With a population of just over one hundred, the village is home to two churches, two taverns, a winery, and a cafe. Each year, Hartsburg hosts the Pumpkin Festival, bringing thousands of people into the community over two days. The Katy Trail, a 225-mile bicycle path that stretches across Missouri, runs through Hartsburg, and Hart Creek flows through western Hartsburg, while the Mark Twain National Forest is to the east. The city of Marion is west of the village, while Claysville is to the southeast.



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