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Hartville was settled at Wood’s Fork on the Gasconade River in 1832, and named for Isaac Hart, who contributed the land for the site. Most of the town was destroyed during the Battle of Hartville on January 11, 1863, during the Civil War. Confederate Colonel Joseph C. Porter led his Missouri Cavalry Brigade from Arkansas to assault Union troops that were holding Hartville, and succeeded in occupying the town. Porter moved on to assault other Union installations in the area before joining Confederate General John S. Marmaduke east of Marshfield. Meanwhile, Union Colonel Samuel Merrill arrived in Hartville, discovering that the Union garrison there had surrendered. With a larger force of Union troops, he set out after the Confederates, who pushed the Union troops back to Hartville, where they established a defense line. Although the four hour battle resulted in a Confederate victory, they had suffered too many casualties, and were forced to abandon their campaign in Missouri, returning to Arkansas. Hartville is the county seat of Wright County, Missouri. Missouri Highway 5 passes through the town, south of Boyer, west of Latham Mill, northwest of Owens, and east of Odin. The Mark Twain National Forest is northeast, southeast, and southwest of Hartville.



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