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High Ridge, Missouri is an unincorporated community in Jefferson County. The area that was to become High Ridge was frequented by people as early as ten thousand years ago, as a source of flint and chert, as well as a hunting area. European-Americans settled nearby Fenton in the 1790s, but the first settlement on the ridge was by Thomas Maddox, who died and was buried along what is now High Ridge Boulevard in 1848. The High Ridge post office was established in 1856. In 1860, the town’s name was changed to Tallow Hill, although it reverted to High Ridge in 1861. The community’s first settlers were primarily German, English, and Irish. As many of the town’s first businesses were owned by William Brackmann, whose brother served as postmaster, there was an effort to rename the town to Brackmann in 1880, but it wasn’t successful. Several attempts have been made since the 1960s to form a city government, but High Ridge remains unincorporated. High Ridge is situated along Missouri Highway 30, north of Weber Hill, northwest of Rock Creek, southwest of Fenton, south of Peerless Park, and east of Hoene Spring.


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