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Highlandville is a small city in Christian County, Missouri. The founding of the community is attributed to Ferdinand Frank Kentling, a German immigrant who had come to America, where he met and married Katie Heide, a recent widow. They built a log cabin near a shallow pond on Wilderness Road, south of Springfield, Missouri, in the late 1860s. In 1868, they established a trading post that became known as Dutch Store. As a settlement grew up around the store, it was named Highlandville, and Frank Kentling was appointed the new town’s first postmaster. Later, the Kentlings built a larger home where the current post office is now located. Highlandville’s first school was established in 1874, and the town grew. When motorized vehicles came to the area, Highlandville became the cross roads of US Highway 65 and US Highway 123, which was later named 160. Travel increased through the area when Table Rock Lake was built in 1958. However, traffic patterns changed when US Highway 65 was routed directly to Branson, just three miles east of Highlandville, and several area farms closed as their owners found they could earn an easier living working away from home, several local businesses closed, and the city became a bedroom community. The town was incorporated as a city in 1993. The Mark Twain National Forest is east, southeast, and southwest of the city. Green Mound Ridge is southeast of Highlandville, Spokane is to the south, and Ponce de Leon is to the southwest, while Montague is east of the city and Riverdale is north.



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