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The city of Holts Summit is in Callaway County, Missouri, about seven miles northeast of Jefferson City. First settled around 1819, most of its early settlers came to the area from Virginia, including Abner Holt, for whose family the town was named. In 1870, Holt’s grandson, Timothy Holt, plotted the town around a general store that had been built by his father, James Holt, naming the new town Holts Summit because it was the highest point from there to the Missouri River. Hibernia Station, now a part of Holts Summit, was once located across from where North School is now, and a train carried travelers between Hibernia and Holts Summit, but the depot was torn down in 1934. Holts Summit was incorporated in 1973, and now hosts a wine industry. The city is located along US Highway 54, northeast of Jefferson City, and south of the southern part of the Mark Twain National Forest.



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