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Jamesport is a small city in Daviess County, Missouri. The first European-American settler in the area was Jesse Harris, who came in 1830, building a log cabin in 1836 that now stands in the Jamesport City Park. Founded in 1857, the community was probably named for both Dr. James Allen and James Gillilan, the men who were credited with laying out the town, but it was originally named Auberry Grove for Thomas M. Auberry, then Grant. When the town was incorporated as a city in 1872, its name was changed to Jamesport. Today, the area is heavily settled by the Amish, who came in 1953. The city is accessed by Missouri Highway 6 and F, as well as Route 190. Hickory Creek is east of Jamesport, Edinburg is northeast, and Springhill is southeast while Carlow is to the southwest and Bancroft is to the northwest.



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