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Named for James Jones, an early settler, the city of Jonesburg is in Montgomery County, Missouri. When Jones came in 1829, there were very few settlers in the area. He rented a farm northeast of High Hill for a year, then purchased land where Jonesburg is now located and built a house in the eastern portion of that land, his being the first house built in Jonesburg. In 1837, a one-story building was constructed, and used as a saloon and trading post by James Duckworth. Although there were settlers in the area, no effort was made to organize a town until the North Missouri Railroad was built in 1857, and a depot established in 1858. The depot was named Jonesburg, for James Jones, the first depot agent. A post office was established that same year, with James Jones as the first postmaster. At the time of the American Civil War, there were no more than two hundred residents in Jonesburg. In July of 1861, Union troops were coming up the railroad when they were ambushed just west of Jonesburg by Joe Sublet and his raiders. That fall, Union troops entered the town, robbing its few stores, and arresting a couple of residents. At the end of the war, there were only a few houses in Jonesburg. Today, Jonesburg is accessed by Interstate Highway 70, which is also US Highway 40. High Hill is to the northwest, and Warrenton is to the southeast.



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