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Named for the Cahokia tribe of the Illinois Confederacy, Kahoka is the county seat of Clark County, Missouri. In 1856, William Muldrow owned 25,000 acres in the center of Clark County, including the land that is now Kahoka, although he didn’t live there. Early settlers purchased their land from Muldrow, and a charter was granted in 1856. The first house in Kahoka was built by John Dramling, who had traded a gun and a watch for his lot. Within a year the new settlement had about six houses, mostly on the south side. The first businesses included a dram shop, blacksmith shop, and a dry goods store. The Kahoka House, the town’s first hotel, was constructed in 1858. Today, Kahoka is accessed by US Highway 136, Missouri Highway 81, which becomes Johnson Street within the city limits, or Business (Branch) Highway 136, which is Main Street in Kahoka. Clark City is east of Kahoka, and Medill and Ashton are west of the city.



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