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Often abbreviated as KC, Kansas City is the largest city in Missouri. Situated at the confluence of the Missouri River and Kansas River, the city was founded in the 1830s as a port city, and originally named Kansas, after the river. However, when the Kansas Territory was organized in 1854, this caused some confusion so the name of the city was changed to Kansas City. Most of the city is in Jackson County, where it serves of one of Jackson County’s two county seats, but portions of Kansas City are in Clay, Cass and Platte counties. During the American Civil War, Kansas City was the site of the Border War that included the Battle of Westport and Bleeding Kansas. The First Battle of Independence was fought in August of 1862, resulting in a Confederate victory, but the city remained occupied by Union troops. The Second Battle of Independence, in 1864, also resulted in a Confederate win, but the Confederates were defeated in the Battle of Westport the following day, ending Southern efforts to occupy the city. Kansas City’s population expanded greatly following the War, largely due to the construction of the Hannibal & St. Joseph Railroad bridge over the Missouri River, and later the Hannibal Bridge. Westport was annexed by Kansas City in 1897. The city is known for Kansas City jazz and Kansas City blues, particularly the 18th and Vine neighborhood, as well as for Kansas City barbecue. Several professional sports teams, colleges, universities, and museums are located in Kansas City.


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