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Keytesville is the seat of government for Chariton County, Missouri, and the hometown of two prominent generals, General Maxwell D. Taylor and General Sterling Price, who was the 11th governor of Missouri, as well as a brigadier general during the Mexican-American War, and a Confederate major general during the Civil War. Keytesville was named for James Keyte, a Methodist preacher who is credited with being the town’s founder in 1830. That year, the county seat was moved from Old Chariton to Keytesville. James Keyte also built the first home in Keytesville, as well as its first business, which doubled as a post office. For most of the American Civil War, Keytesville was home to a detachment of Union troops. In September of 1864, the federal troops in the city faced a much larger force of Confederate troops, and surrendered. Confederate troops occupied the town for a short time, taking supplies from local merchants, setting the courthouse on fire, and killing the county sheriff and another resident, thought to be a spy for the Union. Keytesville was incorporated in 1868, and became a city in 1883. Today, the town is small, but it has an active business district. Keytesville is accessed by US Highway 24 and Missouri Route 5. Musselfork is to the north, Prairie Hill to the northeast, Shannondale to the southeast, and Indian Grove to the northwest.



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