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Kimberling City is in Stone County, Missouri. The community was established after the American Civil War, when the Wilderness Road of the Ozarks was constructed, connecting the farms and products of the Mid-Ozarks with markets. In the places where the Wilderness Road crossed a well used Indian trail or game trail, people would camp out to wait for traders to buy their goods or trade for items they needed. Kimberling City was established on the site of what was known as the Radical Campground, a place where as many as two hundred wagons would camp while waiting for the White River to lower enough to be crossed. Later, the Maybry Ferry was built, allowing river crossings in all but high flood times.. Later, it became the Kimberling Ferry, and the town became known as Radical. Eventually, the first metal bridge replaced the ferries, and several towns were formed along the Wilderness Road, and Radical was renamed Kimberling City. Portions of the Beverly Hillbillies television series were filmed in Kimberling City. The city is situated on Table Rock Lake in the Mark Twain National Forest, north of Lampe and west of Indian Point Village, along Missouri Highway 13.


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