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Located at the foot of the Ozark Mountains, eight to ten miles south of Farmington, the unincorporated town of Knob Lick was founded in 1865 and named in 1876, for the nearby Knob Lick Mountain. At that time, there was mining in the area, mostly for granite but there were also some lead mines. In 1869, the St. Louis and Iron Mountain Railroad built a branch line through the middle of town, known as the Belmont Branch, which was later acquired by the Missouri Pacific Railway. For a time, there was a stop in Knob Lick, although there is no longer a track through Knob Lick, as they pulled out along 1970. After its granite mines failed, the town decreased in population considerably, and most of its businesses closed. Knob Lick once had several schools but they have closed also, and Knob Lick’s children are bussed to Farmington. The S Bar F Scout Ranch has been in operation since 1965. Knob Lick is accessed through US Highway 67 and Missouri Highway DD, and is situated northwest of Nim’s Lake. Libertyville is east of Knob Lick, Mine La Motte is southeast, and Syenite is west of the community.



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