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Located along US Highway 50, sixty miles east of Kansas City, the city of Knob Noster, Missouri is in Johnson County, adjacent to Whiteman Air Force Base, with Knob Noster State Park nearby. Its name is taken from the surrounding hills, with “knob” meaning the hills and “noster” being the Latin derivation meaning “our,” giving the idea of “our hills.” Knob Noster was formed in 1850 when a post office was established in the Old Town settlement, one mile north of the current town of Knob Noster. When the owners of the land in Old Town refused to give up the land required by the railroad, a man by the name of Sam Workman offered a piece of his land south of Old Town to the railroad, laying out the town one mile south of the original settlement. When the post office moved from Old Town to the new settlement, and took the name of Knob Noster. Originally a farming community, the presence of the Air Force base and the draw of tourism from the state park has contributed to the city’s economy. Knob Noster is east of the larger city of Montserrat, northeast of Knob Noster State Park, and north of Whiteman Air Force Base.


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