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La Plata, also written without the space, as LaPlata, is in Macon County, Missouri. The city’s origins go back to 1827, when Drury Davis built a trading post in that location. Over the next few years, he was joined by family and friends, creating a small village that included a blacksmith shop, stagecoach station, and an inn. The village was platted in 1855, and named for La Plata, Argentina. La Plata was incorporated in 1856. The North Missouri Railroad, which later became the Wabash Railroad, came to town in 1867, and the Santa Fe Railroad came twenty years later. La Plata became a city in 1881. Although the Wabash Railroad no longer exists, the Amtrak Station still runs on the Santa Fe system, with the city served by the Southwest Chief. La Plata is concentrated to the west of US Highway 63, with Missouri Highway 156 passing directly through town. Gifford is west of La Plata, Cardy and Mercyville is southwest, Sue City is southeast, and Wilson is to the northeast of La Plata.



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