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The city of Lake St. Louis, Missouri began as a planned community based around two lakes between Interstate Highway 70 and Interstate Highway 64 in western St. Charles County. Plans for the St. Louis suburb were developed in 1961, and the community was originally intended as a weekend resort with a lake large enough for recreational activities. When the original investors ran into financial trouble, they were joined by another group, headed by R.T. Crow, who foreclosed on the project in 1966, and the new owners changed tact, from a vacation community to the development of a new town. In 1974, Crow filed for bankruptcy protection. Facing annexation by O’Fallon on the east, and Wentzville on the west, residents petitioned for incorporation as Harbor Town, which was approved in 1975. The town’s boundaries were increased and, in 1977, residents voted to change the town’s name to Lake St. Louis and become a fourth-class city. The two lakes are private lakes owned by the membership of the Lake St. Louis Community Association. Initially, all owners of property within the city were made members of the LSLCA but, as the city’s population grew, membership was not offered to those in newer residential developments, and these non-members are not allowed to use the lakes.



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