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The city of Laurie is in southern Morgan County, extending into Camden County, in central Missouri. The city began in 1937, when L.M. and William Laurie purchased an old building on the east side of Missouri Highway 5, at Route O, starting a grocery store and gas station there. A year later, Laurie acquired a lease on a building across the road, where he opened the Laurie Market. Since the market was the only building in the area with a phone and a drilled water well, Laurie let several local families tap into his well, and people would come from all around to use his telephone. In 1947, Tom and William Laurie bought a sawmill, selling it to Les Moore a year later, and this mill became the new community’s largest employer, as Moore’s Lumber and Supply. A post office was established in 1961, choosing to name it for the Laurie family, and the town was incorporated in 1966. The community of Purvis is adjacent to Laurie, to the southeast, and Osage Beach is about twenty-one miles to the southeast.


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