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The small city of Leadington, Missouri is in St. Francois County. As its name implies, the community began with a lead mine. The Leadington Lead Company sank a shaft on a tract of land about three miles east of the Flat River in 1893. Later, a small mill was constructed there. The property was sold to the Federal Lead Company, and Leadington was surveyed in 1895. Its mining operations reached a peak after 1900, at which time there were several mining companies in the area. In 1902, the Federal Land Company acquired land to build a thousand new homes for its employees, while other employees opted to build their own homes. At that time, most of the town and businesses were owned by the mining company. In 1959, the city of Flat River introduced a resolution to annex Leadington, prompting the community to incorporate as a village. Leadington Village became a fourth-class city in 1976. Leadington is situated at the intersection of US Highway 67 and Missouri Highway 32. Adjacent to Leadington is Esther to the north, while Flat River is to the northwest and Elvins and Rivermines are to the west. St. Joe State Park is to the south.



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