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The unincorporated community of Lesterville is located on Missouri Routes 21, 49 and 72, near the Black River in Reynolds County, southeastern Missouri. Lesterville is the oldest town in Reynolds County, having had its beginnings in 1816, as Jesse Lester and his wife came to the area from Kentucky, settling about three miles west of the current center of town. Soon, he started a trading post there, where he traded with the Indians. Lesterville was the first town in the county to have a post office, which was established in 1838. Soon afterwards, a settlement began a few miles to the west, and the post office later moved to be nearer the population center. When Reynolds County was organized in 1845, Lesterville became the temporary county seat, although the seat of government was moved to Centerville in 1848. Although no major battles were fought in Lesterville during the Civil War, the town suffered many hardships. As the war supply line came through the area, troops foraged for supplies from local homes and businesses, and guerrilla bands and Jayhawkers killed residents and stole food and other provisions. The town is situated between two portions of the Mark Twain National Forest. The community of Black is to the northwest, Centerville is to the west, Glover to the east, Hogan to the northeast, and Sebula to the southeast.


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