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Originally known as Buffalo Lick, and then The Settlement of Lick, the city of Licking, Missouri is in Texas County. The first settlers came to the area in 1826, and by 1833 there were enough families to form a settlement. The first store was opened in 1857, which also served as a post office, and the town was incorporated in 1878. During the American Civil War, the town was badly damaged by armies from both sides, and few homes were still standing by the end of the war. After rebuilding, an 1880 tornado destroyed most of the homes in Licking, but by 1889, the town was again thriving. Today, the small city’s economy is one of Missouri’s best locations for deer and turkey hunting. Licking is only a few minutes drive from Montauk State Park, the Big Piney River, the Current River, and the Mark Twain National Forest. US Highway 63 passes north-south on the west side of town, while Missouri Highway 32 passes through town in an east-west direction. Sherrill is north of Licking, Kinderpost is northwest, Maples is northeast, and Prescott is southwest of the city.



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