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Linn Creek is a small city in Camden County, Missouri. Founded in 1837, Linn Creek was named for the creek on which it is situated. The town was originally located northwest of the current townsite, and was first named Oregon, then Erie. Oregon and Erie were situated at the place where Linn Creek emptied into the Osage River, and was prone to flooding. In 1855, the town moved a half mile up the creek to higher ground, at which time it adopted the name of the creek. In the mid-1850s, there were very few railroads in Missouri, and goods were transported by steamboat, which could carry more goods than wagons. Along with Warsay, Linn Creek was the head of navigation on the Osage River, so it became a transportation hub for southwestern Missouri. Despite its isolated position, the town prospered. However, by the early 1900s, steamboat travel had given way to the the railroad and the automobile. Still, Linn Creek’s main road became part of the state route, although the roads were gravel. By the 1920s, there were twenty-two commercial buildings in Linn Creek, and twice as many homes. Then, in 1929, surveyors for the Union Electric power company notified town officials that a hydroelectric dam would put Linn Creek underwater. The townspeople fought it, but the state legislature had given the power company the power of eminent domain. During the winter of 1930-31, all of its buildings were burned or dismantled. The town was moved again, this time two miles further up the creek. Old Linn Creek is part of the Lake of the Ozarks now, although its cemetery was spared, sitting on a hilltop overlooking the submerged valley. The old highway, now known as Lake Road Y-30, still comes to within a few hundred feet of the old town.



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