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Platted in 1881, the city of Lockwood is in Dade County, in southwestern Missouri. The community was known as The Queen City of the Prairie” by railroad officials of the Kansas City, Fort Scott and Gulf Railroad, which was extended through the area in 1880, although it was officially named Lockwood when a railroad depot was established there, for J.E. Lockwood, an agent of the railroad. Three rival towns were laid out in the area in 1881, as William Taggart, Titus B. Eldridge, and William J. Davis each hoped to create a town. Mr. Davis platted the original town south of the railroad, and hoped that the new town would be named Davisville. However, in order to attract a railroad depot he had to agree to the name of Lockwood, and give the railroad eighty acres of right-of-way. Taggart, Eldridge, and a Mr. Knight platted the additions north of the railroad, including a town by the name of Eldridge in the northwest, which attracted many of the town’s early businesses. Eventually, a compromise was reached, and most of the town’s businesses were moved to a common center, now known as Main Street, with its streets running adjacent to it, and each community joined to be incorporated as the Village of Lockwood in 1883, becoming a fourth-class city in 1891.



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