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Madison is a small city in Monroe County, in northeastern Missouri. The town was founded in 1837 by James R. Abernathy, who laid out half of his forty acres into ninety lots, selling them for $1,000 apiece, and naming the new town for President James Madison. Before long, the town had hotels, a tavern, a law firm, blacksmith shop, grist mill, boot maker, hardware store, millinery, lumberyard and sawmill, furniture store, wagon shop, and an opera house. The Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad extended its tracks through Madison in 1872, establishing a depot there. Today, Madison is situated along US Highway 24, which becomes Broadway Street when it passes through the center of the city, and Missouri Highway 151 intersects Highway 24 in Madison. The city is east of Milton, south of Woodlawn, southwest of Granville, and northeast of Evansville. Macon is just over thirty miles northwest of Madison.



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