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The seat of government for Bollinger County, the city of Marble Hill is in southeastern Missouri, concentrated near the intersection of Missouri Highway 34 and Missouri Highway 51. Officially organized in 1851, Marble Hill was named after a prominent marble-like rock. The community was known as New California in 1842, and renamed Dallas in 1851, but its name was changed again in 1868, to Marble Hill, in order to avoid confusion with Dallas County, Missouri. In 1869, Eli Lutes laid out a new town nearby that he named Lutesville, offering ten acres to the railroad for a depot location to be used as a shipping and trading point, and disputes with the leaders of Marble Hill prompted the railroad to relocate the railroad through Lutesville rather than Marble Hill. The railroad ceased its operations through Lutesville in 1973 and, in 1985, Lutesville merged with Marble Hill, retaining the name Marble Hill because it was the county seat. The portion of Marble Hill southwest of Crooked Creek is the location of the former town of Lutesville. Marble Hill is northwest of Leopold, southwest of Burfordville and Seopus, southeast of Hurricane and Grisham, northeast of Grassy and Hahn, and north of Schlatitz and Dongola.



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