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Located in both Chariton and Linn counties, Marceline, Missouri was created as a result of construction of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway from Kansas City, Missouri to Chicago, Illinois. In 1887, the railroad chose the location a terminal between Kansas City and Fort Madison, Iowa, dividing the distance between Kansas City and Chicago into thirds. At that time, the region was a sparsely populated prairie. By January of 1888, town lots were up for sale, and the newly formed town was named for the wife of one of the railroad directors, although the spelling was changed from Marcelina to Marceline. The city was incorporated in March of 1888, and had a population of more than two thousand by summer. Today, Marceline is known as the boyhood home of Walt Disney, whose father settled on a forty-acre farm in Marceline in 1906. Although the Disneys lived there for only four years, Walt Disney’s ties to Marceline are clear, as the post office and an elementary school there are named for him, and Marceline was the inspiration for some of Disney’s work, including the film Lady and the Tramp, as well as several features in Disney’s amusement parks. Marceline is southwest of Lingo, northwest of Westville, and north of Mike.



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