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Marthasville is in Warren County, Missouri. The community was founded in part by a son-in-law of Daniel Boone, who came from Kentucky with his family in 1799, settling near the Missouri River, a few miles from the current townsite. With him, came his son-in-law, Flanders Callaway, who was married to Boone’s daughter, Jemima. The Callaways built a two-story log home in the bottom land of the Missouri River, near a small French trading village known as LaCharette, which later became part of Marthasville. In their sixties, the Boones stayed with the Callaways for extended periods of time, and most of their later years were spent in Marthasville. Daniel Boone’s wife, Rebecca, was the first person buried in the family cemetery of the Bryans and Boones, in Marthasville, and Daniel Boone was buried there seven years later. However, Boone’s remains were disinterred and moved to Kentucky in 1845. Marthasville was surveyed by Dr. John Young in 1817, and named for his wife, Martha. The 225-mile Katy Trail passes through Marthasville. Otherwise, the city is largely accessed through Missouri Highway 94 or 47, which intersect in Marthasville. The larger city of Charrette is northwest of Marthasville, Peers is to the west, and Dutzow is to the southeast.


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