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Mendon is a small city in Chariton County, Missouri. The community was laid out in 1871 by Christopher Shupe, but there were already some homes and businesses in the area for several years prior to the town being formally platted, including a general store that was built around 1865, and operated by a Mr. Bostich and a Mr. Eastman. When the Chicago, Santa Fe and California Railroad constructed its track in 1887 and 1888, bypassing Mendon by over a mile, the original location was mostly abandoned, and a new Mendon was created nearer the railroad. In 1899, there were about twenty stores in Mendon, along with a school, a bank, and two hotels, and its population was approximately twice what the city’s population was a the time of the 2010 census. Today, the railroad still passes through Mendon but there is no depot, and the city has very few businesses. Its proximity to Silver Lake and the Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge brings in some income for the community, mostly for businesses catering to water fowl hunters. Missouri Route 11 passes through the southern part of the city, while Route CC becomes Tom Bath Road in northern Mendon. Rothville is northeast of Mendon, while Whitham is to the southwest.



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