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The city of Milan is in Sullivan County, Missouri, and serves as the county seat. The first settler in the area was Armstead C. Hill, who built a log cabin there about 1840. The original town was laid out upon the Hill farm in 1845, although it was never recorded, and the town was not incorporated until 1859. The first county courthouse in Milan was constructed in 1858, only to be destroyed by fire in 1908. The current courthouse was built in 1939. Marshall Baker Witter moved to the area in 1844, at which time the town was known as Pharsalia, a name that people had trouble pronouncing or spelling. Witter suggest Milan as a new name for the town, and its name was changed to Milan at the time that ti was incorporated. The town’s first mayor was R.D.Morrison, while Mr. Witter was its second mayor. During his second term, the legislature repealed the city’s charter in 1861, and the town was without a municipal government until 1867, and was reincorporated in 1869. Milan is accessed through Missouri Highways E and 5, which is also Route 6 as it passes through the town in the west and north. Nearby communities include Boynton, Cora, Green City, Mystic, Osgood, Owasco, Reger, Sorrell, and Wintersville.



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